High Quality And Beautiful Clothes
For Women And Girls

This certificate is awarded by the Clothing Research Centre in North Korea, which spearheads the development of women’s fashion and appropriate silhouettes Under Kim Il Sung’s rule, the dressing styles propagated reflect the binary ideals of domestic femininity 6, in which women are expected to be subservient wives and selfless mothers, and socionationalistist femininity, whereby women had a role to play in the revolution as farmers and factory workers.

The former is expressed through the traditional josenot dress and is epitomised by Kim Il Sung’s mother Kang Ban-Seok, and the latter through a military uniform with a skirt and distinct waistline and is epitomised by Kim Il Sung’s first wife, Kim Jeong Suk 7.


该证书由朝鲜服装研究中心颁发。 该中心引领女性时尚和合适款式的发展。 在金日成的统治下,所传播的装着风格反映了本土女性气质的二元理想6,其中期望女性成为屈从的妻子和无私的母亲,以及在革命中扮演农民和工厂工人的角色。

前者通过传统的 "josenot" 服饰表现,以金日成的母亲康盘石为代表;后者通过带有裙子和明显腰线的军装表现,以金日成的第一任妻子金正淑为代表7