Produced by the Pyongyang University of Theatre and Film, Urban Girl Comes to Get Married (1993) reconciles the urban-rural dichotomy through the union of Ri Hyang, a fashion designer from Pyongyang, and Song Sik, a rural farmer from Unchon farm. Ri Hyang becomes entranced by Song Sik’s zeal to innovate his village’s agricultural methods. Song Sik, too, becomes mesmerised by the city maiden’s energetic performance during rice planting. Their union becomes symbolism for the industrial coupling between fashion and agriculture6.

With film as education in North Korea, Ri Hyang embodies the ideal ambidextrous woman both in style and attitude. She finds equal delight in working for the textile factory and toiling the farmland, and excels in both fields.

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由平壤戏剧电影大学制作的《都市女孩结婚》(1993)通过平壤时装设计师李香和 "云村" 农场农民宋植的结合来探讨城乡差异。 李香被宋植对村里农业创新的热情所吸引。 宋植也被都李香在插秧时的活力所吸引了。

在都市少女与农夫之间的互动中,《都市女孩结婚》通过李香的表演体现了理想职业女性的典范。 朝鲜以电影作为教育,通过李香体现了理想的韩国女性——她是一位在纺织厂打工和在农田里劳作都一样优秀与幸福的女性 6