Comrade Kim
from Workshop No. 6

The factory commends Comrade Kim for her outstanding performance in surpassing the monthly output by 30%. Her exceptional Chollima spirit and innovation to increase technological productivity is an inspiration to all the workers in the mill, her family, and the country.

Behind the success of the textile industry (one form of light industry) is the large base of ordinary female workers and the work heroes in its midst who have achieved extreme levels of productivity 10.

Work heroes are celebrated as national models to positively reinforce socialism ideals 9. Fruitful labour becomes an integral mode of living for women 5.

In the effort to spur productivity, there are also charts in other parts of the factory that indicate the output levels of different work units to create a competitive spirit, and incentives like trips to other parts of the country are offered to workers who perform well 18.

来自 6 号车间

工厂对金同志的表现表示赞赏。 她的月产量超过平产量的30%。 她非凡的"千里马"精神和创新的高技术生产力激励着工人与国家。

朝鲜纺织业(一种轻工业)的成就归功于大量女工们的努力。 其中有女工因达到了极高的生产力水平而被授予 “劳动英雄” 的称号10

劳动英雄被誉为强化社会主义理想的民族模范9。 高效率的劳动是当地女性不可或缺的生活方式5