Motif visible on column to the left


Magnolia Floor Pattern: Intricate two-tone floor patterns are common across North Korea, occurring in domestic, civic and industrial settings. Some buildings, however, favour a strongly modernist interior featuring black, grey or white monotone unpatterned surfaces17.

North Korea’s national flower is the Magnolia sieboldii, bearing a symmetric white tepals (petals and sepals that have no distinction) shrouded around a bold magenta and yellow centre. Also known as the Korean Mountain Magnolia, it is one of the hardiest magnolia species15.

The flower appears in repeated motifs: as small prints on garments, as cornice details on faux columns, and here as a floor pattern16.

玉兰地板图案: 精致的双色地板图案在朝鲜的家庭、城市与工业环境中很常见。 然而有些建筑物,倾向于现代主义的室内主调,配以黑色、灰色或白色无图案的表面17

朝鲜的国花是天女木兰,学名为 Magnolia sieboldii。它带有对称的白色花被片(花瓣与萼片相似)笼罩着显眼的洋红色和黄色中心。 此花又名为朝鲜山木兰,是最顽强的木兰科树种之一15

这朵花的图案以不同的形式出现:衣服上的小印花、人造柱子上的檐口细节等等。 在此,它作为地板图案16